Friday, August 6, 2010

Visitors from Nebraska

Last weekend D's sister and her family came from Nebraska to meet Audrey.
Nick, the oldest is really into baseball so they went to a Ranger's game on Thursday night. I got them hats to wear to the game and Audrey had a little Ranger's onesie so of course we had to take pictures. As you can tell, Audrey wasn't in the best mood.
But the boys were excited and even got on TV at the Ranger's game.
Here is Nick feeding Audrey a bottle. Nick became Audrey's entertainer all weekend. Whenever she would get fussy he had a "magic rattle" that would calm her down.

Alex is going to be in the 4th grade next year. He's a character.
And here is sweet Hayden. He's 4 and is a little angel. He had to be right by Audrey at all times.

I took these pictures on Audrey's 3 month bithday. She weighs 11 pounds even and is doing well. You'll notice the scratch on Audrey's forhead which is from my earring. Poor baby.

And I came home from work today to find daddy and daughter having a little bonding time. So sweet!