Monday, June 25, 2007

Jen & Brad's Wedding

The original Park Avenue gangWell, I now that I think about it Ashley is the only original one.

We went to Jen and Brad's wedding this past weekend in Ft. Worth. Jen was a glowing bride and I'm sure they are having a great time on their honeymoon right about now. I know this picture isn't the best but I loved her dress and veil.

Mandy drove with us to to the wedding and I was counting on her to teach me the ways of a true blogger but she only took one picture. So I had to pick up the slack. Stacy came in from Tyler and it was great to see her and hear about her new house. I hope she made it back to Tyler ok.

One of the best parts of the wedding was the martini mashed potato bar. This is Stacy and I toasting the new couple. Please disregard the leftover mashed potatoes in the glasses.

The highlight of the wedding was the good friends but let's just talk about the food. They had a dessert table that included chocolate cake, m&ms, a chocolate fountain, rice crispy treats and milk to wash it all down. And then of course after you gorged yourself on all of that you have to eat a piece of wedding cake.

We finally tracked Jen down with a camera so here is Brandi and I with Jen.

D was a good sport and got to meet alot of my college friends. Ashley and Chet were there and it was good to see them after so long. We hope to be visiting them in Kansas on our way to Nebraska next time.
So that's the photo recap. I wish we had taken a group picture. I didn't get any pictures of Jessica, Mandy, Beth Ann, Chet, Michael or the Bufkins. I'm counting on one of the other bloggers to have some more pics and Jessica can give us a good wordy recap.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen project is what has kept D busy over the past several months. He bought the house a few years ago and he has slowly remodeled every room. He saved the kitchen for last and now that it's done we joke that he will be bored and probably want to move into a new house that he can fix up. My hope is that we can enjoy this one for a couple more years and in the meantime we need to come up with a new hobby for D.


After Before

After the Rain

All this rain is getting the best of me but last night tops it off. After work I was catching the train to head home. I’m standing on the platform with an upper level above me. So someone from the upper level must have stepped in a muddy puddle and I was right in line to get the worst of it. Most of it landed on my shoulder but then before I could move I got some of it right on top of my head. It was dripping all down my face. I tried to laugh it off but when I looked around everyone just turned away like they were too embarrassed for me to even look at me. At least someone could have laughed with me! So by the time I got on the train I just cried. I don't really know why I cried - it wasn't that big of a deal but I guess I was just frustrated that I couldn't properly clean myself up and also that noone around me even cared enough to acknowledge me.
But the good thing is that after the rain incident I got to go home to my husband (still weird to say) and we got ice cream and I forgot all about the unfortunate shower.
But I'll still never ride the train again - who cares that gas is $3 per galloon!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grandma's 90th Birthday

My Grandmother LeBlanc turned 90 on Monday and she's still going strong!
Grandma was a Navy Nurse in World War II and that is where she met my grandfather. She was originally from Iowa but moved to New Orleans with my grandfather when they got married. And they were married for over 50 years!
While growing up, I always looked forward to our summer trips to New Orleans where grandma taught us what lagniappe meant. My grandmother has since moved to Baton Rouge and has a cute apartment. Wish I could have been there to help celebrate with you grandma but we'll shoot for next year!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

settling in

I'm settling into this married life thing. We still haven't resolved the tire cover issue but I'm sure it will all work. I actually like Rachel's thought - Go Dawgs - we need a La Tech tire cover.

The top benefits I have discovered so far about living in a house and being married:
  • covered parking without having to pay $50 a month for it.
  • dishes that match so that I can pass Jan's country blue dishes onto Jules.
  • someone to talk to in the morning when getting ready for work.
  • mowing the yard.
  • someone to cook for.
  • not having to have something planned every weekend (i just realized that I'm writing this on Sat. night at 7pm and we don't have any plans tonight - it's wonderful).
  • having someone to drive me everywhere - Liz spoiled me in college and I've never gotten over it.
  • our new vacuum cleaner to pick up all the dog hair.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Good Wife

So I'm trying to be a good wife and all. I'm cooking a few times a week, cleaning up, doing laundry, nursing him back to health, etc. but there has been one issue that I'm not dealing with very well.

To go back a little, D bought a new car last week. He gets mad when I call it a car but whatever. He got an FJ Cruiser and he loves it. Not my first choice but I'm learning to compromise. On the back of the car is the spare tire and one of the upgrades is to get a black tire cover that is specifically made for the Toyota. That wasn't included in our package so I mentioned yesterday that we should get one. Well, evidently he has it all figured out. He proceeded to tell me that he plans to get a Nebraska Husker tire cover for it. At first I thought he was joking so I very adamantly voiced my opinion about the idea. I think I said it was tacky, white trash, etc. Well, he wasn't joking - he really wants one!!!!!!!!! And may I just remind you that Nebraska's colors are bright red and white.

So I don't know what to do. Should I be a good wife and let him get what he wants or should I do him a favor and say absolutely not?