Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We are slowly but surely getting the nursery together. We decided to go with pink (surprise, surprise) and I love how it is coming together. Here is D hard at work putting up bead board. Here are the colors of paint that we were choosing between. We ended up going with the second one from the left.
Here is a picture of the crib bedding.

And here is a picture of the pink and the bead board. There is still some finishing work to be done.
I reached the 29 week mark today so I am in my 3rd trimester. All of the sudden it feels like it is all going by so quickly. We had a Drs. appointment this afternoon and the Dr. said everything looks good. I'm starting to go to the Dr. every 2 weeks now so the end is in sight.

Snow Pictures of the Dogs

Do you think the dogs liked the snow?

Valentine's Day 2010

My mom, sister Julie, and sister in law Dana came in town on Valentine's weekend. Little did we know they picked the worst weather of the winter to come visit. But it was such a fun weekend and we got alot of baby stuff done like registering and picking out some stuff for the nursery. And of course we went out to eat alot. I had just found out the week before that I passed my 3 hour glucose test so I found a new appreciation for eating :)
Here we are at Chuy's with my aunt and cousin.
And there was no power in most of Highland Park but Sprinkles knew we needed some cupcakes so they used generators to keep making their delicious cupcakes.

Here we are registering at Target (oh my word, my belly looks so huge in this picture).

Lunch in downtown Grapevine with old friends.

My mom and her best friend Kay