Tuesday, June 23, 2009

working 9 to 5

I don't have much to update you on so I thought I would show you where I work. I work for a hospital consulting company (i don't want to say the name so they don't somehow get linked up to my blog). But basically what I do all day is work with hospitals to help them negotiate for the best deals on their cardiology equipment. So if you ever need to know about Balloon Pumps or who the best vendor is for Intravascular Ultrasound, I am here for you.
Here is where I spend pretty much 8 hours of my day...
Can you tell how small it is?
This summer I will celebrate my 3 years with the company and for the most part I like my job. The people I work with are fun and that is a big deal since I probably spend as much time with them as I do with my sweet husband (he's reading over my shoulder). We are pretty lucky to work within a 5 minute walk to Starbucks and we have lots of fun restuarants to try out for lunch. We also have lots of shops within walking distance (Mockingbird Station if you know the area) where we can indulge in some retail therapy if we are having a bad day. So that's where I work!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Julie's wedding

Here's the week in pictures...
Julie getting her marriage license
Mom getting a pedicure

Julie getting a manicure

The Mother of the Groom and the Mother of the Bride

Girl's Night Out at J. Alexanders

Kate in all her cuteness

Dad making us pancakes

Julie with the ring bearer and flower girl

Bridesmaid Lunch
Julie got all the bridesmaid these cute aprons with our initials on them.

Dana, Julie, me and Mom

Julie with her new mother-in-law and sister-in-laws

Julie and Mom

The church during the rehearsal
Ryan, Dana, and Cole waiting for instructions at the rehearsal

Julie and Mike at the rehearsal dinner. They were so relaxed the whole weekend.

Demian, Jonathan, Dad and Ryan
Julie and Jonathan

Julie's cute flip flops for the reception

Getting ready for the big wedding day!

Julie as a beautiful bride. She was just glowing the whole day.
And the first dance

Lots of cake!