Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Dawgs

Here are the dogs - Reilly (the tan one) and Emily (the black one)

and this is the newest addition - Ivan (by the way he is turning in circles right now trying to bite his tail - it's the funniest thing)

Reilly again

They really are sweet dogs but I gotta say that before D I didn't like dogs. I think it stems back to a bad experience in my childhood but I was really scared of dogs and of course they could sense my fear so that made it even worse. But then I met D and actually spent time around dogs that had been trained and I'm much better now.

They love unconditionally and except for being a little hyper sometimes, and jumping on my new red bedspread that seems to attract white dog hair, they are adorable. I guess that they are like kids in that they have their own distinct personalities. Ivan, the white dog, is the youngest, most hyper, and sheds the most. He gets in trouble with the older dogs because he is so playful and doesn't know when to stop. Emily, the black dog, is the pretty/dumb one. She's also skiddish and freaks out about every new thing. (I hope D doesn't read this because he gets defensive about his dogs :) And Reilly, the tan dog, is the oldest, smartest dog of the 3. She has a bad hip so she doesn't get around very well anymore but we have bonded since the first day and she is always the one that I take on our walks.

So thanks to them I have been cured of my fear of dogs!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

wedding pics

Here are some pictures of the wedding. We had so much fun that day. My dad performed the ceremony which made it so special. We only cried a little bit :)

These are my flowergirls - Anne and Lauren. They are my first cousins and their older sister Jane was in my brothers wedding a few years back so they have been waiting patiently and were so excited to be flowergirls.

The wedding day was a gorgeous one but it was very windy. My veil was all over the place and the mic picked up the wind as my dad was talking. Very distracting when you are trying to say your vows but we're married, right?

It's finally over!

Honeymoon pictures coming up next...

Wedding Weekend

Here are some pictures from the wedding weekend - 2nd attempt! Mom and Jonathan

Me and Dad

My sweet newphew Cole Wesley

Me and Julie, my maid of honor

My brother Ryan and his family - Dana and Cole and a little girl on the way!

The bride and groom

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First Post

Ok - I'm joining the blog world finally. And can I just say that I almost gave up when trying to decide on a blog name. That was the hardest part. And I still think I will change it since it's pretty cheesy. If you haven't figured out D is my new husband of a month or so! Shortened name to protect the innocent. It's still really weird to say that he is my husband.
He's at a business dinner tonight and he left me to take care of the dogs. 3 dogs that is and they know when "the boss" is not home. They have already gotten in one fight and so one dog is being punished outside. So while all you guys are talking about your kids and how to raise them, I will be using the wisdom for the dogs I inherited when I got married. I will definately post some pictures of them once I figure out this whole blog thing. So that's about it for now - I don't want to run out of things to say early on so I'll leave the rest for later.