Saturday, January 22, 2011

Audrey at 8 months

Here are some recent pictures of Audrey. 8 months old - can you believe it? She is teething if you can't tell from the poor little rash on her face. She got one cute little tooth on New Year's Day. I wish they would come in all at once but the others are taking their sweet little time.

We dressed up in purple for the LSU game.

Here is Audrey all bundled up for her first snow day

And here she is exploring a new world from a standing up position

My Friend Mandy

Kelly's Korner is a fun blog I read and she is having a little "blog party" to introduce all her single friends. She is asking everyone to post about their single friends in hopes that some of them can meet up. It made me think of my single friend Mandy and while I normally don't do stuff like this I thought Mandy would be worth it.

So here is a little bit about Mandy...I met Mandy in college and to know her is to love her. Seriously. She is just the kind of laid back, fun, kind person that everyone loves. She moved to the DFW area to teach but she is a small town girl at heart. She is currently working on her Masters degree in education.
Mandy has a great family that she is very close to and is the beloved aunt to two neices. Mandy likes to travel all over with her friends, loves country music and goes to all the good concerts in the area, likes the Texas Rangers to name a few of her interests. This all sounds so cliche and corny but she is such a loyal and amazing friend and really has the sweetest heart. So there you go....that's my wonderful friend Mandy who I love so much!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas was filled with so much family fun. We spent it with the fam in BR.
Audrey and her Uncle Johnny

Aunt Dana and cousin Kate

Sleeping with Gramps

Sweet cousins Cole and Kate

all the cousins and Uncle Jonathan

Aunt Julie and Redneck Uncle Mikey

Christmas morning before all the craziness began

Grandma and Grandpa and all their grandkids

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

So long overdue but here is my Thanksgiving post. Audrey was about 7 months old at Thanksgiving and it was a perfect age to travel with her. We flew to Omaha and then drove about an hour to Lincoln to D's sister's house. I was so nervous about flying with Audrey but on the flight up there she slept pretty much the whole time.

Here is a picture of Audrey on her first plane ride.

Here is Audrey having fun with her cousins Hayden and Samantha.

Audrey and D's sister Angie - the hostess for the weekend

Audrey was constantly entertained by her cousins. She had so much fun.

Here is the whole crew of cousins: Alex, Eric, Samantha, Hayden, Audrey, Nick and David

Audrey loved this puppet duck that quacked out a song. Anytime she would start to cry one of the cousins would run over with the duck and start playing it for her and she would stop fussing. Thanks to Aunt Angie, Audrey got one for Christmas :)

All the boy cousins went to the Nebraska football game the day after Thanksgiving. It has become a tradition in the family and the boys love it. Some years the girls have gone but this year we decided to stay in the warm house and watch the game on TV.

Since we flew out of Omaha we made time on our trip back to stop in and see the Landrum's and their new house in Omaha. This was the first time that any of us had met Claire and she was so precious. Claire is about 6 months older than Audrey so it is fun to see where Audrey will be in a few short months.

Tough Guy Blake

And I didn't get a good picture of Andrew but I can't leave him out.

So thankful for our family and friends!