Thursday, January 28, 2010

25 Weeks and Babymoon

Here's my week 25 picture. Still no final answer on a name but I think we are getting close. And we've finally made some decisions on the nursery. I'll post on that soon but the crib has been ordered so that's the first step.
Last weekend we had our Babymoon and traveled to San Francisco. It was alot of fun but it rained most of the time we were there. Here are some pictures from the trip...

Jill and Baby at the Golden Gate Bridge

Celebrating Demian's big b-day with a last minute birthday cake...

Waiting to get on the street car.
Visiting Ghirardelli Square

Experiencing Fisherman's Wharf for the first time

Touring Alcatrez

Thursday, January 14, 2010

White Christmas

For Christmas this year we went up to Nebraska to see Demian's family. Brrr! It was really cold as you can imagine. Too cold to get the camera out much. Here is a picture that I made Demian take with me on Christmas Day just to prove that we had a White Christmas. The rest of the day we were huddled up at his mom's house watching movies and playing board games.

It was a good Christmas and we were blessed to be with family. We figured we probably wouldn't be traveling this time next year so we are trying to take advantage of it as we can.

As far as a baby update, I'm still feeling really good. I'm loving the feeling of her moving around in there. And D finally got to feel her this weekend. We have a few names picked out: Audrey, Claire, and Emma. We can't really agree on one but hopefully it will become clear over the next few months because I'm dying to get some monogramming done!