Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random January Happenings

On January 17th we celebrated D's birthday at Mi Cocina. Yum! Jen Ken supplied the cute chocolate birthday cake in Husker colors.
In other random January news, we had an ice storm come through this week and D finally broke down and started a fire in the fireplace. This is the first fire he has ever lit in the fireplace and he has lived here for 5 years!
I made him pose for this picture so I'm sure he is probably rolling his eyes but if it were up to him we would have no pictures of anything. The fire was great while it lasted but the high today is suppose to be 70 degrees so there might not be many more fires in the fireplace for a while :( But I'm ready for spring so that's ok. Well I better go get some stuff done on this Saturday morning. Have a great weekend and GO Cardinals!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Makeover

Many thanks to Kari for my Blog Makeover! I love it and it's just the motivation I need to get back to blogging more regularly.
So if anyone else needs a fresh look, I know you will find Kari so easy to work with and very talented. She was valedictorian of our high school and now does this along with raising two very cute little boys in Florida.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Houston Trip

Mandy and Shan have already blogged about the weekend so this post seems a little redundant but oh well. We had a great time seeing everyone and trying to get Jenn ready for the twins (although are you really ever be ready for that). Here are some more pictures from the weekend...
sweet brothers

trying to be like his daddy

I didn't get the black memo

Jenn opening presents for Jenna and Ellie
Blake practicing his piano skills (I love the serious look on his face)

More brotherly love
and an extra picture of cuteness

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dancing Boys

Here's a short video to keep you entertained until I finish my real Houston post.

They got a little camera shy at the end. Or maybe they were just watching their mom do the chicken. I should have turned the camera around :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We had a great Louisiana Christmas this year. The highlight has become watching Cole and Kate. Who knows what we did before they came into the picture.
Here's my mom and dad on Christmas morning.
And Dana and Kate playing with Kate's newest toy

Here's Kate concentrating on the cell phone. I think she was trying to learn how to call Aunt Jill.
We took Cole to see a movie. He was so adorablely cute in the movie. He was clapping his hands and dancing in his seat the whole time.
Here's Kate with her cute Christmas leggings
And Julie and Mike
We also traveled to St. Francisville to see Jan and Ken and their kids. They live out in the sticks but it was worth it to see old friends.

So that's about it. I'm working on blogging more in the new year so stay tuned.


I'm a little behind on my blogging. Here's my Thanksgiving post.

We drove to Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Not much to see between here and Nebraska but we made it in one day. We stayed with D's sister in Lincoln - the home of the University of Nebraska. I was so tired of seeing red by the end of the weekend but it was fun.

The day after Thanksgiving we went to the Nebraska vs. Colorado football game. It was soooo cold to me but they tell me I am a Texas wimp. The temp was in the 30s but I'm suppose to be grateful it wasn't snowing. Anyway, the Huskers won and made it to a bowl game so I guess it was worth it. Here are a few pictures of D's nephews at the game.We had to get there super early so we could go the bookstore first. We did this last year too and D basically picks out a bunch of stuff and I buy it for him and then I am done Christmas shopping. Works for me.
We were sitting in the visitors section because tickets were hard to come by but even the visitor's section was filled with mostly Husker fans. This is our view...
We ate at Runza's every day but Thanksgiving Day. It's one of those Nebraska traditions (like Raising Cane's in Louisiana). So that's about it - the weekend went way to fast.