Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

A couple of weeks ago D had the idea that I should go visit my family. I think I was very subtle in my approach...I'm missing out on every major event in my nieces and nephews lives! It could be worse but all the other kids in my family live no more than one hour away from my parents so I was feeling a little left out. Thankfully D took pity on me and sent me off to Baton Rouge for the weekend.
So I flew out on Friday night and because it just so happened to be Father's Day weekend we decided to surprise my dad with my visit. Ryan and Dana picked me up at the airport and we went to meet the rest of the family to eat. I walked in and dad just looked at me like it was no big deal that I was there. Then it slowly sunk in that he wasn't expecting to see me. So it was a great weekend and now I'll leave you with some pictures...
All the kids except Ryan
And Kate

Couldn't get many pictures without something in her mouth

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First post for June

Saturday night we got to enjoy the company of Jennifer and Deborah from Houston and Austin respectively. And I almost forgot Stacy who came in from Tyler. It was fun catching up on old times and talking about all the people we used to know and even some that we don't know but feel like we do (I did come home and read her blog by the way). We went to eat at La Margarita and we learned that you don't mess around when the waiter is trying to take your drink order. Then Kristi, Roscoe and Bailey hosted us for dessert at their house. Thanks for the yummy brownies and lemon bars! I should have gotten a picture of the dogs but just go to Kristi's blog and you will see plenty.
So there is my post for the month! No really, I'm going to Baton Rouge this weekend for Father's Day so I will have some fun pictures of the fam when I get back.